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Authors In The Schools

Participating Authors
Jim Aylesworth
Marlene Targ Brill
Robert Burleigh
Debbi Chocolate
Judith Bloom Fradin
W. Nikola Lisa
Glennette Tilley Turner
Darwin McBeth Walton

Authors in the Schools is an outreach program of the Near South Planning Board. Its mission is to bring the joy of reading and creative writing to students in inner-city schools.

Started in 1997, the program began by sending six Illinois children's authors into six schools to share their books with a total of 600 students.

Since, the program has expanded steadily, with over 20 public schools and more than 2,100 students being involved in the program.

How the Program Works
How to Become a Sponsor (pdf)

Participating Schools
Ancona School
Black Magnet School
Bridgeport Catholic Academy
Brownell Elementary
Drake Elementary
Haines Elementary
JRD Academy
National Teachers Academy
Pershing Magnet School
South Loop Elementary
Stowe Elementary
Sabin Magnet School
St. Elizabeth Catholic School

“This program enhances our reading / literacy program. The quality of questions the students asked were evident of their understanding of the story and the importance of reading, writing, and communicating.”
-Taliva A. Tillman, Assistant Principal, Songhai Learning Institute

Authors In The Schools Presents Student Xpress: Connecting Chicago Students through their words and art.

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