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Marlene Targ Brill

Marlene Targ Brill began writing while teaching children with disabilities, producing materials to help her students learn. With time, the desire to write grew stronger. Soon she was writing for a variety of formats--magazines, internet, newspapers, videotape, and textbooks--and readers of all ages.

Today, Marlene is author of more than 50 books (mostly nonfiction and historical fiction) for children and adults. She has received several honors for writing and is included in Something about the Author (vols. 77 and 124) and Contemporary Authors (vol. 97). Yet, she never forgets where her dream of writing originated--through her work with children. She is now drawn back into the classroom to share the wonders of research and writing, and of course, books.

Since she writes for preschoolers through adults, Marlene feels comfortable speaking with any age reader. Her lively 30- to 60-minute presentations include maps, pictures, gross stuff like a tooth collection, and a slide presentation.

Each session contains information about:
  • idea sparkers
  • the variety of writing formats
  • how she writes
  • steps to publishing a book
  • writing tips

Presentations emphasize:
  • the fun of nonfiction
  • the detective work involved in research
  • the reading-writing connection

Marlene also conducts writing and other educational workshops and takes requests.

  • Bronco Charlie and the Pony Express
  • Raising Smart Kids for Dummies
  • Tooth Tales from Around the World
  • Diary of a Drummer Boy
  • Margaret Knight: Girl Inventor
  • Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad
  • Extraordinary Young People
  • Winning Women in Baseball and Softball (also Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey)
  • Journey for Peace: The Story of Rigoberta Menchu
  • Let Women Vote!
  • Trail of Tears: The Journey from Home
  • Women for Peace
  • Illinois
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